Image: Nici Cumpston, Oh my Murray Darling (detail), 2019. Courtesy the artist and Michael Reid Gallery.

Tuesday 25 February – Friday 3 July

Location: Adelaide Town Hall, Mankurri-api Kuu (Reconciliation room) and First Floor Gallery, 128 King William Street, Adelaide

Featuring: Nici Cumpston, Louise Flaherty, Jake Holmes, James Tylor, Lara Tilbrook and the SA Artists for Climate Action collective

In her inaugural exhibition for the ART WORKS 2020 program, Emerging Curator Steph Cibich has curated an exhibition of South Australian contemporary artists titled Our Future in the Landscape.

Climate change is affecting us all.

In 2020, there is not one country, nor one city, unaffected by factors relating to climate change. In light of recent national and international events, the urgency for climate action dominates political, social and cultural debate. Despite differences in opinion, the issue now extends beyond harrowing environmental concerns into all aspects of contemporary life including urban and regional environments, energy consumption, food production, scientific and technological advancements, business development, council strategies, community engagement and the arts. Ironically, in an increasingly divided society, it is one issue that has the potential to bring people together.

Our Future in the Landscape harnesses the power of multiple voices to illuminate urban and ecological responses to climate change, as explored through the lens of South Australian artists. Featuring work by Nici Cumpston, Louise Flaherty, Jake Holmes, James Tylor, Lara Tilbrook and the SA Artists for Climate Action collective.

Presented at the Adelaide Town Hall as part of ART WORKS Emerging Curator Program and delivered by Guildhouse in partnership with the City of Adelaide, this exhibition demonstrates and encourages positive climate action declaring our collective responsibility to actively address one of the most pressing issues of our age.

COVID-19 Update | The City of Adelaide advises that the Adelaide Town Hall will be open to the public again from 5 June 2020.

Take a guided tour of the exhibition with ART WORKS Emerging Curator Steph Cibich