Friday 8 April 2022, 2:00-4:00pm 

Location: South Australian Museum, North Terrace, Adelaide

Featuring: A special panel talk and workshop with artists Peter Turner and Clem Newchurch

The Guildhouse First Nations Collections Project with The South Australian Museum

KAURNA: Still Here
Peter Turner & Clem Newchurch 

Exhibition Launch and In Conversation Event

The South Australian Museum and Guildhouse warmly request the pleasure of your company for the launch event for KAURNA: Still Here.

Please join us for a special panel talk and workshop with artists Peter Turner and Clem Newchurch.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Image: Warrior Tools, (l to r) Clem Newchurch, Large Murlapaka/Bark Shield, Gum species and Ochre, 2018; Clem Newchurch, Small Murlapaka/Bark Shield, Gum species and acrylic paint, 2019; Peter Turner, Midlah/Woomera, Gum species, Emu Bush Barb, Animal Sinew and Tree Resin, 2014; Clem Newchurch,  Midlah/Woomera, Sheoak, Wattle Species, Sedge species, Tree Resin, Ochre, 2018 – 2022; Clem Newchurch, Reed Spears, Gum and Wattle species, Native Water Reeds, Sinew, Tree Sap, 2018 – 2022; Clem Newchurch, Lightweight Club, Wattle Species,  2021; Clem Newchurch, Returning Boomerang, Sheoak, 2021. Photograph Grant Hancock

About KAURNA: Still Here

First Nations artists Peter Turner and Clem Newchurch have researched the South Australian Museum’s collections to inspire their exhibition KAURNA: Still Here. In addition to the Aboriginal Collection their work responds to the works of George French Angas.

Drawing on their Ancestors’ practices prior to European colonisation and informed by material documented by George French Angas, Peter and Clem have created carvings, painted and woven works in this celebration of continuing culture.

KAURNA: Still Here is part of the Guildhouse First Nations Collections Project, a collaborative project providing artists with the opportunity to research aspects of the South Australian Museum’s extensive collection and develop a new body of work for exhibition.

About The Collections Project 

The Collections Project is a collaborative project between Guildhouse and South Australia’s state institutions. 

This unique project provides artists the opportunity to research an area of one of the institution’s collections and develop new work for exhibition. Championing the art and artists of our time while celebrating our cultural, historic and scientific heritage, The Collections Project has the demonstrated ability to provide new audience experiences while delivering long-term benefits to the artistic and career development of participating artists. 

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