Friday 9 July 2021, 12.30 – 1.30pm

Location: Online via Zoom

Facilitator: ART WORKS Writer in Residence Connal Lee

‘Does engaging with art, literature and story-telling make you a more ethical person?’ This lunchtime workshop for writers, artists and creative people of all levels of ability will explore the relationship between moral imagination and the writing process.

As writers, we develop storylines, characters and themes without perhaps thinking critically about the values, principles and background experiences that we bring to bear when making decisions. The aim of this workshop is to get participants thinking about the values that underpin and inform their writing process, and to explore the ability, or inability, of the writer to walk in the shoes of others.

Please bring along your moral imagination! You are also welcome to share ideas that you are currently working on, but no preparation is required.

ART WORKS is a collaborative program of residencies, curatorial mentorship and creative engagements, designed in partnership with the City of Adelaide to provide a city-based platform for artists, curators and writers to pursue new ways of working and engaging with audiences.

Connal Lee

In addition to completing theses at honours, master’s and doctoral level Connal Lee has published in several journals in the area of pandemic ethics. His most recent publication is in the area of art and health and the role of community gallery spaces as vessels of well-being promotion.

Connal is also a regular writer for The Conversation having written on ethical distribution of vaccines in a pandemic and the potential for an ‘infodemic’ during a pandemic; whereby the public is overloaded by information and misinformation. Connal has presented conference papers on pleasure and health, utopian thinking in political philosophy, and developing moral imagination through narratives. He is currently in the editing phase of completing his first novel, which explores philosophical themes associated with trauma, memory and the duty to rescue.

Image: Michael Kutschbach, fuliguline, HD digital video still, 2021. Photograph courtesy the artist.