Brianna Speight, Cyclical, 2017, digital photograph, 80 x 105 cm. ed 1/3. Photograph Brianna Speight.

Soft Assemblies

Office Space

8 February – 26 April 2019

Continuing our commitment to supporting the transition of graduates to practicing professionals, Office Space‘s latest exhibiting artist is Brianna Speight.

Brianna’s photography-based work, playfully intersects with soft-sculpture and performance to visually interrogate her own experiences of femininity, aspects of reproduction and intimate relationships.Central to her practice is the idea that staged photography offers the opportunity to critically reflect on self and surroundings and to share with audiences the impacts of language, representation and events. These works will be exhibited at Guildhouse from February to April 2019.

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Brianna’s work is part of a new Guildhouse initiative to showcase recent graduates within the unique location of the Lion Arts Centre in the Adelaide CBD.

Office Space offers exhibition experience post-study for South Australian visual art graduates. To view the exhibition, head to the Guildhouse office, Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 5pm