Introduction to silicone mould making & casting mediums. Image courtesy Guildhouse.

Guildhouse hosts a series of creative workshops providing essential, practical skills across all areas of practice as well as niche skills that are in demand. Workshops are available to Guildhouse members and the general public.

Workshops range from tax advice for artists, curatorial skills, printing, mentoring skills, public art and more. Please note that the workshop program is subject to change.



WORKSHOP: Arts Law – Copyright and your creative practice: making it work

Tue 13 November 2018

Creating art often means creating copyright. Let us walk you through owning and using your copyright, as well as creating copyright with other people. We’ll talk about what happens if someone uses... More

WORKSHOP: ArtsLaw – Dotting the “I”s: Understanding Arts Contracts

Wed 14 November 2018

Artists often enter into contracts without being completely sure what it all means. This session will take you through what a contract is, and some of the key issues artists often deal with when... More

WORKSHOP: Arts Law – Social Media and Online in your Arts Practice

Thu 15 November 2018

Do you use social media to promote your art and your profile? Do you enter into competitions online? Have you ever dared to look beyond the surface of the cute cat memes to question the terms and... More