With the aim of promoting Traditional Craft Skills to Local Government
and Country Arts SA Guildhouse developed a workshop package to provide opportunities for members of emerging communities to reconnect with the crafts pertaining to their cultural heritage, and also offers a range of professional development services to culturally and linguistically diverse craftspeople.

Each workshop offered participants an in- depth opportunity to learn new skills and to develop an understanding and appreciation of unique cultural practice. The City of Charles Sturt purchased ten workshops which were successfully delivered in the following locations:

  • Bangladeshi Quilt Embroidery, Findon Community Centre x 3
  • Eritrean Basketry, Henley and Grange Community Centre
  • Afghan Embroidery, Seaton North Neighbourhood Centre
  • Iranian Embroidery, Hindmarsh Library
  • Bosnian Sock Knitting, Cheltenham Community Centre
  • Bosnian Rug Weaving, Cheltenham Community Centre
  • Fique Crochet Bags of Colombia, West Lakes Community Centre