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Neville Cichon, A Line Has Been Drawn, 2016, 28 x 24 cm. Photograph Neville Cichon.

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Guildhouse is all about connecting creatives with opportunities.

We share a variety of opportunities on offer through our partner organisations and the wider industry. In this section you can explore a variety of art prizes, commissions, proposals, call outs, residencies, mentorships, career development, grants and funding opportunities.


A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Tarnanthi 2021

15 October – 30 January

The Tarnanthi 2021 festival is an opportunity to experience Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in all its diversity.

As the main venue for the Tarnanthi festival, AGSA presents dozens of new works from around the country, created by individual artists and through collaborative projects. This nationwide survey of First Nations art promises ambitious, innovative and up-to-the-minute contemporary works created through deep reflection on unwavering cultural connections.

In addition, dozens of partner venues around Adelaide and across South Australia present diverse and original exhibitions of works by hundreds of First Nations artists. Exhibitions and displays feature paintings, sculpture, installations, fashion, weaving, ceramics, video screenings in public spaces, and more.

The Tarnanthi 2021 program also includes an extensive array of talks, tours, music and cultural performances, workshops, creative activities and student programs, plus themed activities in The Studio at AGSA.



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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains


Justine Varga
11 November – 11 December

The works that comprise ‘Masque’ rupture this convention by asking the viewer to simultaneously look through and at their photographicness, and from their centre to their edge. The matrixes from which these photographs derive are negatives that have been inscribed with saliva, urine, bath water, ink and paint, mingled materials of genealogical and historical remembering. These photographs also deliberately draw our attention to their margins, an area of the photograph created during the printing process itself. Refusing to give up any easy meaning, Masque stages an encounter with the viewer, an experience as much as a document.


Hugo Michele Gallery

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains


4 December – 18 December

Studios: 2021 is a snapshot of the diverse practices and ideas encouraged as part of ACE Open’s annual Studio Program. The exhibition features some of South Australia’s most exciting early career artists, and offers the public a look into the work developed out of the ACE Open studios over the past year and a half


ACE Open

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Across Generations: Kaltjiti Arts

9 October – 28 November 

This year Kaltjiti Arts celebrates 60 years of a continually run art centre in the remote, isolated community of Kaltjiti/Fregon.

Across the Generations is about storytelling and creating the connections between the families with paintings by artists and the family ties that still exist in the Art Centre with artists continuing their practice today.  

Hahndorf Academy

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Sovereign Sisters: domestic work

21 October – 8 April

Sovereign Sisters: domestic work is a Flinders University Museum of Art exhibition curated by Ali Gumillya Baker with Madeline Reece. Presented in association with Tarnanthi Festival and APRON-SORROW / SOVEREIGN-TEA curated by Dr Natalie Harkin, it features historical material alongside the contemporary work of Paola Balla, Destiny Deacon, Julie Dowling, Dale Harding, Natalie Harkin, Leah King-Smith, Tracey Moffatt, Clinton Naina, r e a, Yhonnie Scarce, Ellen Trevorrow and Unbound Collective.


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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Christmas in the Back Room – A group Exhibition

6 November – 12 December

This show features works from a mix of well known and emerging contemporary South Australian and interstate artists and is the perfect opportunity to pick up a special Christmas gift.

Artists include Olga Sankey, Samone Turnbull, Gerry Wedd, Josephine Powell, John Foubister, Jo Crawford, Regine Schwarzer and more.

West Gallery Thebarton

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

In search of a good laugh

Hussain Alismail
8 November – 17 December

“The title of the exhibition is inspired by an interview I recently watched where visitors to an art exhibition were asked: ‘What you are looking for in this exhibition?’ One visitor answered ‘I don’t know! Maybe a good laugh!’ This answer struck me, and took me back to ten years ago when I worked as a cartoonist at KFUPM newspaper (a university publication in Saudi Arabia), where my art work attempted to generate laughter about the hardest issues faced by students. Since then, my work has shifted to become more abstracted and conceptual, however, I believe laughter is a worthwhile pursuit. This exhibition may not be overtly comedic, but I would like to invite audiences to consider the work through a lens where it can be both serious, conceptual and parodical.”


The Mill

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Rethinking Australian Art


Highlighting the complex changes that occured in Australian art after the second world war.

This series of displays highlights the complex and radical changes that occurred in Australian art after the Second World War, including the revelation of Aboriginal art, the Feminist art movement and the rise of conceptual art and post modernism.

This rehang challenges preconceptions of art in Australia as being isolated or singular. To borrow the words of art historian Ian McLean, the re-presentation of the collection ‘examine the place of Australia in the world and the world in Australia’.

Art Gallery of South Australia
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Gilberts Garden

14 November  – 10 January

The renowned botanical artist of the Botanial Gardens and State Herbarium of SA. In this exhibition Gilbert has chosen plants that grow in his garden and depicted them in the fine details that he was required to exicute for the Herbarium.  

Fleurieu Arthouse
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Frances Cohen, curated by Christina Lauren ‘The Many Faces of Frances’

8 November – 17 December

The Mill welcomes emerging artist Frances Cohen and their new exhibition The Many Faces of Frances, curated by emerging curator Christina Lauren.

Drawing on identity politics, and underpinned by theories of the self, Frances’ portraiture explores what it is to know and to understand the complexity of one’s self. Frances uses found images alongside photographic selfies layered with thick paint and gap filler to create a textural surface where features of the portraits are obscured, slipping and displaced. The works are uncanny, evocative and emotional, conveying a sense of uncertainty and heaviness while also appealing to the empathetic recognition of the viewer, eliciting the question who is this portrait of, could it be me?

The Mill
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

JamFactory Exhibitions

October – February

Gallery One: TARNANTHI // Yarrenyty Arltere Artists:
Nurna yaarna iltjerrama. Nurna kutatha mpaarama!
(We can’t rest. We always/continue make!)

Gallery Two: TARNANTHI // Maruku Arts: Minymangku Punu Palyani (Women Doing Punu)

Collect: TARNANTHI // Rekkan / Tamuwu / Nyinakati (sit/sit down)

Adelaide Railway Station: Hermannsburg Potters: Yia Ngkarrama (Telling Stories)

Carrick Hill: Alex Valero: The Study of the Sky


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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Salon des Refusés

9 October – 11 December

The David Roche Foundation in Adelaide will host the often controversial Salon des Refusés for the first time in its 30 year history. The Salon des Refusés – the alternative Archibald and Wynne Prize selection – has run each year at Sydney’s National Trust S.H. Ervin Gallery since 1992. The exhibition will showcase over 40 portraits and landscape works by some of Australia’s best contemporary artists.

David Roche Foundation
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Samstag Museum of Art – Spring Season

22 October – 03 December

Samstag’s 2021 Spring Season brings together three major moving image installations that rest on the tension between fact and fiction. 

The selected works represent a particular nexus of film and art, where documentary, genre, storytelling and concepts of space come into focus. In Samstag’s ground floor gallery, Pilar Mata Dupont’s The Ague draws upon the scientific world of London’s Kew Gardens to tease out the irrationality, truths and misinformation that permeate our colonial history and ecological future.

Upstairs, the Karrabing Film Collective’s Night Time Go begins by hewing closely to the historical details of the disenfranchisement of Indigenous peoples before slowly morphing into an alternative history in which drama, humour and satire turn the tables on the powerful. Shot on Country and in community, it is a work that represents truly innovative, collaborative film-making.

Lastly, Israeli-born, Berlin-based Omer Fast’s Continuity tells a disturbing tale of a middle-class couple who engage a succession of actors to play the part of their son, a young soldier supposedly returned from Afghanistan. A fiction with the air of authenticity, Fast’s work is a reminder that the work of a filmmaker can deceive as effectively as it can reveal.


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What’s On

A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

How to wean yourself off fairy tales

How to wean yourself off fairy tales will be a night of fairy tales, love letters and music held at Post Office Projects on Saturday 27th November, from 5:00 – 9:00 pm. The night is being held to celebrate Christina Peek’s new exhibition Resourceful women and desperate stratagems which will be open at POP from 14 November – 18 December.


This will be a fun night featuring readings of the fairy tales that feature in Christina’s exhibition, music, a love letter exchange and a new installation by artist Sarah Tickle, all celebrating Christina’s exhibition, Resourceful women and desperate stratagems

27th November

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Manton Makers Market

Locally made creative goodies, live music and great food by Pony & Cole.
All just around the corner.

When: Sun 5 December 2021
Where: 6 Manton St, Hindmarsh SA

Why: Catch up with friends, have fun, eat, drink & support your local makers
What: Ceramics, art, handmade original prints, glass, homewares, flavour bomb foods & plant-based treats

Keep an eye on @6manton instagram
A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

The Queens Xmas Market

The Queens Christmas Festival will transform Australia’s oldest theatre and West End this festive season, presenting a free family program from 17th – 19th December. Starting on the Friday with end of year drinks street party, the weekend of activity with Playhouse Lane being transformed into a festive, open access space with family entertainment, live music, market stalls, food vendors and bars. This festival supports and promotes South Australian artists, musicians and suppliers.

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Feast Festival 2021

Feast is Adelaide’s only not-for-profit LGBTIQ+ Queer Arts and Cultural Festival that celebrates Pride and Diversity. Feast began in 1997 providing a safe and inclusive platform for the LGBTIQ+ community to share and express themselves through art and culture.

Feast is one of 11 major Festivals in South Australia and is the 3rd largest LGBTIQ+ Festival in the country. Feast is an International event, bringing performers from all over the world. Previous acts include 2014 Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst, adult film star and trans activist Buck Angel, Olympic Diver Matthew Mitcham, 90’s dance icon Dannii Minogue, Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gamble Breaux and many more, attracting visitors from near and far.

6 – 28 November

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A person stands in front of a colourful work of art

Meet at the Wheat

Local clay aficionados get together. 

Potters, Mud Slingers, Ceramicists, Clay Clunkers, Crack Pots and members of the clay community. A social catch up with an ale and some fellow potters.
Last Sunday of the month 2-4 pm.

Wheatsheaf Hotel

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

SALA Podcast

The SALA Podcast aims to engage South Australian visual artists and arts industry professionals in interviews about their arts practice and creative lives, and in discussion about topics relevant to the arts. The SALA Podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts. 

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Object Podcast

by Australian Design Centre

Australian Design Centre presents a new audio series exploring design and contemporary craft in Australia hosted by CEO and Artistic Director Lisa Cahill.

This first season of Object: stories of design and craft explores the Masters of Craft, nationally and internationally acclaimed craftspeople, our living treasures.

Meet Australia’s master craftspeople working in ceramics, jewellery, textiles and metal. Why does their work matter? How do they keep going? How does working in Australia impact their work? What’s their advice for makers now?


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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

How We Raised It Podcast – Creative Partnerships Australia

Join us as we draw back the curtain to hear directly from the individuals who made these campaigns happen. Meeting the leaders of some of Australia’s greatest arts companies – The Australian Ballet, Sydney Theatre Company, the National Library of Australia and others – and hear how they galvanised Boards, fundraising teams and donors into making the impossible, possible.

Episodes will be released weekly from Monday 8 November.

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A person stands in front of a colourful work of art

ON ART podcasts
by Samstag Museum

Samstag will be focusing their efforts on digital channels for the time being and will continue to share their exhibitions with you through their Publications & Podcasts.

Expereince their ON ART podcast series of talks and discussions that follow the lead of contemporary art.

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Workshops & Training

Adelaide Central School of Art 

Adelaide Central School of Art is a leading independent, not-for-profit, tertiary provider of visual arts education. Identified as the best art school in Australia for student experience according to the national Student Experience Survey (SES) findings released on the QILT website on 10 April 2019. 

In addition to our degree program, they offer a range of short courses, workshops and masterclasses. In our studio-based teaching program we emphasise structured learning, practical skills and intellectual development. As a single-focus art school, all classes are led by lecturers who are leading practitioners in their field.

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Australian Tappestry Workshop

The Australian Tapestry Workshop is excited to share with you a range of  online content to fuel your creativity from the comfort of your own home.

Be inspired by our Artist + Weaver talks and International Speaker Series or hone your skills via our online classes, for both adults and children. 

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Adelaide College of the Arts

AC Arts’ visual arts programs provide you a comprehensive grounding in the practical and theoretical aspects of contemporary and traditional visual arts practice. Offering specialisations in ceramics, jewellery, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Explore traditional and contemporary arts practices through practice and theory coupled with business and entrepreneurial skills to build a career in the arts.

You will learn and create in Adelaide College of the Arts’ state-of-the-art facilities which include purpose-built studios and exhibition spaces.

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JamFactory Short Courses

Ceramics Workshops: Get hands on in our 7 week Beginners Wheel Throwing and Hand Building short courses or expand your repertoire with our Intermediate Classes and Introduction to Glaze Development. Learn from the very best skilled tutors in our fully equipped ceramics studio.

Jewellery Workshops: Over 7 weeks, learn the basics in Introduction to Silver Jewellery, build on your skills in our Level 2 class or take your practice to the next level with Tutored Bench Access, Lost Wax Casting and Stone Setting.

Individual Glass Blowing: Experience an intensive one-on-one session in the glass studio,learn traditional glass blowing skills in gathering, forming and design to make your own glass piece.


Studio Space + Equipment


Want to join the Praxis Artspace Studios? Do you know a creative who needs studio space?

Located within the vibrant Bowden precinct, Praxis Artspace Studios was established in January 2019. Sitting adjacent to Praxis Artspace Gallery, this creative hub is focused on supporting a diverse range of artistic talent through its studios and exhibition program.

The Praxis Artspace Studios encourages an effective teamwork environment, and provides the opportunity for artists to experiment, play and take risks developing new work, within a stimulating environment of practicing artists.

Their studios include:

  • Wifi
  • 24-hour access
  • Communal area, including kitchenette, toilet and shower
  • Onsite parking
  • Proximity to public transport and shops

A studio at Praxis Artspace represents an opportunity for an artist to base their practice within a vibrant, and supportive artistic community; allowing for meaningful career and skills development, inspiration, and networking.

George Street Studios
36 George St, Thebarton SA

Studio space is currently available and suitable for artists, designer makers and artisans working across furniture, sculpture and mixed medium. We welcome expressions of interest from artists and makers at all career levels. Younger and emerging artists are encouraged and will be offered access to learn from experienced practitioners.

For further details or to organise a visit please contact Tony Rosella: 0402 114 702

Mixed Goods

Mixed Goods studios is a multidisciplinary shared studio space only 15 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD. We are currently looking for studio tenants and have spaces available ranging from 11m2 to 27m2, there are sizes to suit a variety of creative disciplines and practices. 

Mixed Goods was set up as a dynamic craft & design hub offering independent studio spaces to artists, creatives, and design professionals. Our aim is to have a hybridised studio collective with a mixed set of skills made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds and at various stages of their practices.

Current studio tennants:
  • Andrew Carvolth – Furniture & object
  • Dean Toepfer – Furniture, lighting & object
  • Kerryn Levy – Ceramics
  • Luca Lettieri – Object & sculpture
  • Danielle Barrie – Jewellery

For more information or to apply for a studio please get in contact with Dean Toepfer and Andrew Carvolth at: studios@mixedgoods.com.au

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Gate 8

Gate 8 Workshop have short to mid term project spaces available.

They have different spaces and equipment available depending on your project with prices starting from $85 per week (exGST and outgoings).

Send them an email about you and your project through to Jess Loughlin: jessloughlin@internode.on.et

or for more info visit: gate8@internode.on.net

Artisans’ Vise
Shared studio/workshop facility
1/5 Waverley Ave, Edwardstown

“Artisans Vise is a makers dream space”

They have room for more designer/makers in their collegial, extensive factory.

They are ideally located in an established industrial area close to suppliers and manufacturers at 1/5 Waverley Ave Edwardstown

Access to workspace and a professional range of woodworking and metal equipment is available.

Current members are Gray Hawk, Andrew Bartlett, Taku Kamikawa and James Howe.

For further information please contact Gray Hawk

M: 04 1142 1713

The Mill Adelaide

Situated in the heart of the Adelaide CBD, The Mill’s Artist Studios provide space for visual artists and makers of any discipline to operate an affordable studio in a professional and arts-compatible environment. Current and past uses include sculpture, ceramics, woodworking, illustration, fashion, painting, photography and more.

Expect: Your own designated open studio space, 24hr studio access, wifi and access to shared spaces (workshop, kitchen and meeting space).

Leases from 3-12 months.

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Mixed Creative Port Adelaide

Mixed Creative is a home for original live music, spoken word, theatre and visual arts practise; bringing people together for shared experiences that inspire the exchange of ideas.

It has been established as a creative social enterprise – which means our business has a primary focus on reinvesting in the community and making a positive impact rather than delivering profit to owners.

Mixed Creative seeks to collaborate with organisations and individuals to develop arts based programming that supports our local artists and the community around them. A range of meeting rooms, performance and workshop spaces are avaliable for hire.

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Monthly Advice Bank: December 2021

Monthly Advice Bank: December 2021

Tuesday 7 December 2021, 10am – 12pm Pricing: Free for Guildhouse financial members Location: Phone or video conference Presenter: Guildhouse Artistic Programs Manager Debbie Pryor and Guildhouse Operations Manager Emma Bedford Monthly Advice Bank sessions for members...

Drop in collage workshop with Ruby Chew

Drop in collage workshop with Ruby Chew

Tuesday 12 October 11am, 1pm, and 3pm  Location: City of Adelaide ArtPOD, 25 Pirie St, Adelaide Pricing: Free, bookings essential (places are limited) Featuring: ART WORKS Artist in Residence Ruby ChewJoin us for an informal collage workshop with ART WORKS Artist in...

The River and Death

The River and Death

Image: Connal Lee at the 'Biophilia: Is Nature Conscious? Philosophers talk with Connal Lee'. Photograph: Daniel Marks.The River and Death By ART WORKS 2021 Writer in Residence Connal Lee This piece of writing emerged from a discussion with Artist in Residence Rebecca...