Art in Residence

The JPE Art in Residence program in partnership with JPE Design Studio is a residency opportunity that will see two artists a year in a creative exchange within the JPE studios, culminating in a work or installation presented during SALA and Fringe.

JPE has been a place where emerging artists can exhibit, engage with studio culture and have an impact on design thinking since 2013. The JPE Art in Residence Program marks a new chapter of creative exchange in collaboration with Guildhouse.

SALA 2022

Matthew Fortrose
Safety Measures
19 – 30 September 2022
JPE Design Studio

Matthew Fortrose has been involved in project conversations, research and collaborative opportunities at JPE, contributing to the creative process. Exploring concepts of safety and structures Fortrose combines concrete and EPDM rubber into soft and hard surfaces which examine the limitations they present and the archival qualities, both outdoor and as indoor artworks, to question the perceived safety, reliance and trust put in the materials.  

Fringe 2023

Craig Glasson

Craig Glasson is an emerging South Australian visual artist. His studio practice reflects on notions of multi-dimensional space and the investment of time. These themes are expressed through the disciplines of drawing and installation in consideration of three recurring visual cues: the handmade, the multiple; and patterns. Conceptually his work is often deliberately ambiguous and materially provisional, with outcomes that are informed by architecture, industrial and graphic design, and mathematical tropes. In fact, the aesthetic characteristics of Craig’s works have much in common with the precision and detail associated with plans, diagrams, and scale models. 

Craig is a graduate of the Adelaide Central School of Art having completed a Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours) in 2018. Craig is also a graduate of the Queensland College of Art. With a professional background in graphic design, illustration advertising and marketing, Craig has always had an interest in visual culture and its ability to stimulate, intrigue, inspire and persuade. 

Since graduating Craig has spent time researching and developing new work, held two solo exhibitions, and been the recipient of a number of grants and awards. 

SALA 2023

Michelle Kelly

My work is about the hidden, the unknown, still to be discovered and yet one of the most important life forms on this planet….Fungi. Through my work I aim to inspire, intrigue and inform my audience of this large but unassuming part of nature.

Evolution is an integral part of my practice, which has expanded from jewellery scale objects to both 
large and small scale sculptural works and installations. Throughout my practice as an artist, I have explored a wide variety of materials, finishes, textural surfaces and forms. This diversity keeps me constantly designing, redesigning, researching and making new explorative works of art. 

Fringe 2024

Henry Wolff

Henry Wolff’s practice is concerned with images that articulate vulnerability in their participation with the world/s of their collaborators. With an empathetic observational methodology, they produce moving image, photographic, and performance works that attend to the power of marginality and diffraction within society. Through attention to human connection, they explore entangled experiences of being, and foster the moral virtues of compassion, care, and love.

Recently Henry has been commissioned by Photo Australia for PHOTO 2022; They are a feature artist for 2022 Gertrude Street Projection Festival; They exhibited in the 2022 Melbourne Art Fair, ‘Precinct Night’ at Collingwood yards; They performed at AGSA with APHIDS for the 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art; Their work ‘Sibling’ was identified as one of the 125 most exciting artworks from around the world by Aesthetica Art Magazine (UK). 

Henry is mentored by Hoda Afshar, Eugenia Lim (2019-present), & Amos Gebhardt, David Rosetzky (2021-2022) through the support of the Centre for Projection Art. 


Matthew Fortrose: Safety Measures

Matthew Fortrose: Safety Measures

Image: JPE Design Studio render, supplied by JPE.Safety Measures Matthew Fortrose 19 August – 30 September 2022 JPE Design Studio 4/19 Gilles St, Adelaide SA 5000 Matthew Fortrose has been involved in project conversations, research and collaborative opportunities at...

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JPE Art in Residence Recipients

JPE Art in Residence Recipients

Image: JPE Design Studio render, supplied by JPE. We are excited to officially launch the JPE Art in Residence program in partnership with JPE Design Studio. This residency opportunity will see two artists a year in a creative exchange within the JPE studios,...

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Call Out: JPE Art in Residence

Call Out: JPE Art in Residence

Image courtesy JPE Design Studio. Leading design and architecture studio JPE continue their contribution to the creative culture of South Australia through two Art in Residency...

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Images (L-R): JPE Design Studio render. Image courtesy JPE; Matthew Fortrose. Courtesy the artist; Craig Glasson, Untitled diagram #51, 2019. Courtesy the artist; Michelle Kelly, Growth. Photograph Grant Hancock; Henry Wolff, ‘CARE’, 2021. Installation view at the Adelaide Festival Centre (2022). Photography by Sia Duff.