Reignite Adelaide Program

The City of Adelaide commissioned local artists to brighten and activate main streets and laneways across North Adelaide and the CBD. The project was developed to support local traders and provide employment opportunities for creatives.

Delivered in partnership with Guildhouse, the initiative, completed in 2023 resulted in 8 new public artworks.

Power People

Tristan Kerr
Sunny’s / 1000 Island / Cry Baby, Solomon Street

Power People is a site-specific mural that pays homage to the origins of the location. A visual journey through time, starting with the post-war era of manufacturing machinery and transitioning into the vibrant present-day life of Hindley Street, now a thriving hub for hospitality and entertainment.

The mural unfolds across two facades, with contrasting geometric shapes that capture the essence of these two distinct eras. The convergence of these shapes symbolizes the harmonious coexistence of the past and present. Architectural lighting has been strategically employed, drawing inspiration from the glow of neon signage synonymous with the surrounding night-time precinct.

The result is a dynamic piece of art that encapsulates the evolution of the site, narrating the story of its transformation from an industrial past to a contemporary hotspot.

Images: Artwork by Tristan Kerr. Photographs Sam Roberts.

Time and Place

Dave Court and Shane Cook
Amalfi Pizzeria Ristorante / Ted’s Cameras / Crowne Plaza, Tavistock Lane

This vibrant mural, celebrating Adelaide’s East End, pays homage to Country, local businesses and community activities. At the heart of the mural is an abstract representation of a takeaway pizza box, paying tribute not only to the strong local food culture but also to the renowned Frome Road restaurant, Amalfi, which has been trading at this location since 1981.

Drawing inspiration from Dave Court’s 2020 Adelaide Fringe Festival poster, a distinctive diamond shape acknowledges South Australia’s association as the ‘Festival State’. A reimagined camera emoji, referencing Ted’s Cameras, injects a playful and modern twist.

In the backdrop, the Adelaide Hills unfold in a picturesque panorama, seamlessly transitioning into the urban skyline. Court’s signature touch is evident in the presence of a large, abstract spaghetti strand that weaves through the entire composition. This spaghetti strand, with its vibrant colours and dynamic shapes, cleverly accentuates and embraces the unique features and quirks of each building facade.

Shane Cook was born on Kaurna Country and is a Guwa and Wulli Wulli man with family connections to Queensland. Cook’s mural practice employs a mix of graffiti inspired street style art blended with more traditional Aboriginal art styles. Cook’s family totem, the Tawny Frogmouth, is seamlessly incorporated into the mural, together with references to the boomerang – signifying movement – and Aboriginal hand painting.

Distinct square elements of the painting lend themselves to being effective augmented reality triggers – each piece has a different linked animation. This allows the imagery to be enhanced and replaced with animated versions of the artwork, viewable through the Artivive app. Through the app, the vignettes come alive; the Tawny Frogmouth winks, the camera flashes and the diamond dazzles the eye as it spins.

With support from Amalfi Pizzeria Ristorante, Ted’s Cameras, Crowne Plaza (Kyren Group) and Enrico Rizzon.

Images: Artwork by Dave Court and Shane Cook, Tavistock Lane. Photographs Sam Roberts.

Wolf at the Door

Jacob Logos
Acquinas College, North Adelaide

Unwaveringly loyal and embodying the virtues of a courageous hunter and provider, the wolf stands proudly as the mascot for Aquinas Residential College in North Adelaide.

Accompanied by the Latin motto “Lucere et Ardere,” meaning “to shine and burn,” the wolf serves as a symbolic representation, enlightening with knowledge and enlivened with faith.

The inclusion of a constellation in the mural serves as a reminder of the connection to the divine, paying homage to the residential college’s faith-based origins. This captivating artwork not only pays tribute to the core values of Aquinas but also injects a vibrant burst of colour onto the historic, tree-lined streets of North Adelaide.

Images: Artwork by Jacob Logos, Aquinas College. Photographs Sam Roberts.

Untitled (still life) 1 & 2

Jack Fran
Hutt Street Cellars, Hutt Street
Arab Steed, Hutt Street

Jack Fran’s juicy fruits and still life elements enliven the facades of the Arab Steed Hotel and Hutt Street Cellars. Fran has subverted contemporary mural approaches by lavishly injecting Hutt Street with a centuries-old still life narrative of realistic fruits and traditional tabletop items.

The motif of fruit in art was seen in Roman decorative mosaics known as ‘emblema’, functioning as a sign of hospitality and a celebration of the seasons and life. By the 16th century, food and flowers would again appear as symbols of the seasons and the five senses. The realism of still-life painting is related in the ancient Greek legend of Zeuxis and Parrhasius, who are said to have once competed to paint the most lifelike objects, perhaps one of the earliest descriptions of trompe-l’œil painting.

In these murals Fran employs vibrant, uplifting colour to create mood, whilst incorporating hyper-real, traditional motifs that allude to the inner workings of each building, with both businesses having their roots in hospitality. More generally these artworks can be viewed as a celebration of the senses and the seasons, and a nod to the vibrancy and diversity of Hutt Street.

Images: Artwork by Jack Fran, Hutt Street Cellars and Arab Steed. Photographs Sam Roberts.

Nature Creates the Movement of Colours and a Joyous Soul

Nicky Create
Coffee Branch, Leigh Street

This captivating mural is a riot of lively colours and dynamic design. Nicky Create’s signature plant art meets modern abstract colours, resulting in a blend of hand-painted detail and soft spray paint effects. The mural becomes a vibrant celebration of the hustle and bustle of city life.

Integrating the Coffee Branch location into the artwork, historical images of coffee bean flowers, buds, and leaves become part of the narrative, adding a touch of the coffee culture to the visual story. A charming depiction of a local bird takes centre stage, adding a whimsical main character to the composition

Crafted with the aim of offering a unique Instagram-worthy moment in the heart of the City of Adelaide, it’s a visual feast for visitors to the Coffee Branch on Leigh Street. The idea is simple: grab your coffee and your content in one go!

Images: Mural by Nicky Create. Photographs Sam Roberts. 

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