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reVision is a seasonal online program thoughtfully curated to help you deepen connections, strengthen your practice and grow your skills in these ever-changing times.
Work with tech mentors, meet with and hear from a host of globally relevant speakers – in ways that are best suited to you.

Choose how you take part:

Each reVision session fits under one of three modes of participation. Look for these symbols with each session.


Hear from globally relevant art practitioners.


Participate in a live conversation.


Actively take part in a conversation with a guest speaker and the community.

reVision Autumn Speaker Series

The Autumn series of the reVision program investigates the role of the critical voice within arts practice. Conversations with key writers, editors and artists will dissect the need for and impact of critical engagement and rigour through arts writing and peer conversations.

Sessions are free for Guildhouse financial members to attend. Priority tickets for members will be released on Friday 12 February before a general public release the next day.

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Finessing an Independent Voice

Wednesday 3 March, 4pm

Join session Chair Jessica Alice, Director Writers SA in a conversation with writers and curators navigating contemporary arts writing; discussing experiences of refining writing skills and critical voice while retaining an independent opinion in a gig economy.

The Role of Critical Engagement

Wednesday 3 March, 7pm

Guided by Lisa Slade, key global arts and culture editors unpack the importance of accessible critical conversation; from the political and societal need to constantly question to analytical artist engagement.

Writing for Social Media

Thursday 4 March, 5pm

Communications professional Emma Mellett will share some tips and tricks on how to structure and write content for social media that engages your audience and offers insights into your artistic practice.

Critical Peer Conversations

Thursday 4 March, 7pm

National artists unpack the vital role peer conversation, support and engagement play in developing artistic practice and sustainability, led by Director of Bus Projects, Channon Goodwin.

reVision Speaker Series

Online now

Spring 2020

Community is at the heart of the spring season. Our speakers unpack the ways in which they create, engage with and serve communities, especially in times of crisis.

Summer 2020

In this season our speakers unpack arts practice though the lens of resilience, adaptability and well being. Join conversations with 10 local and national artists, curators and strategists as they discuss their approach to practice, and unpack what drives and sustains their work and their community.

reVision Tech Mentors

The inaugural Tech Mentor program sees 13 industry experts mentor 27 artists in digitally upskilling their practice.

Our round one mentees are David Baker, Thom Buchanan, Dave Court, Maarten Daudeij, Lisa Furno, Ray Harris, Anja Jagsch, Mary Jose, Carollyn Kavanagh, Rita Kellaway, PJ Lee, Cristina Metelli, Kylie Nichols, Julie Pieda, David Pedler, Judith Rolevink, Rosina Possingham,Lee Salomone, Ellen Schlobohm, Eleanor Scicchitano, Regine Schwarzer, Jane Skeer, Catherine Truman, Sarra Tzijan, Victor Waclawik, Hanah Williams and Robyn Wood.

The artists will be building on their skills in digital editing, design software, website and online shop development, social media marketing and communication.

Round two will be released early 2021.

Aaron Shuppan

Freelance Director, Writer and Cinematographer

Aaron made his first film at 14 years of age and has not looked back since. He is experienced across all areas of videography from shooting raw footage to the finished product.

Expertise: Videography & Writing

Adam Drogemuller

PhD Student, Tutor, IVE Student, UniSA School of Information Technology & Mathematical Sciences

Adam is a PhD Student and researcher working at the Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments (IVE). His specialist topics are Human Computer Interaction and Virtual Reality.

Expertise: Virtual and augmented reality platforms, 3D printing/fabrication and prototyping.

Adrian Kenyon

Architect, Baukultur

Adrian has ten years of experience across a diverse range of commercial and residential projects where he has developed skills across various design software packages. As the partner of an artist he is also experienced in preparing documentation for project pitches including public art submissions.

Expertise: Design Software: Photoshop, InDesign, Revit, AutoCAD & Rhino

Amy Hourigan

Digital Marketing Consultant and Founder, Amy Who? Digital

Amy has spent the better part of a decade perfecting the art of digital marketing; marrying strong technical knowledge with marketing and communication skills to get people clicking on your website, and driving more effective results for your business.

Expertise: Digital marketing and analytics, media marketing.

Ashleigh McManus

Digital Marketing Coordinator: Analytics and Performance, University of South Australia

With an background in arts marketing, Ashleigh is passionate about data, analytics, and actionable insights to influence the who, how and what aspect of marketing.

Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing & Analytics

Beth Shimmin

Marketing Executive, Marketing, Sales & Audience Engagement, Adelaide Festival Centre

Beth is a marketing and communications specialist with extensive project management experience working on major festivals and events in the visual and performing arts sectors.

Expertise: Digital Marketing, Social Media Profile, Online Sales & Website Development

Bridie Letford & Jessica O'Reilly

Bridie Letford
Senior Business Analyst, Comunet

A committed and passionate tech geek with 18+ years’ experience in IT, Bridie is skilled in providing practical guidance to artists and troubleshooting across a diverse range of platforms and marketing strategies.

Jessica O’Reilly
Co-Founder at Mochara Marketing

Jessica is an experienced digital marketing consultant who provides small and large businesses with growth strategies focused on returning measurable results.

Expertise: Website development, Online Sales & Social Media Integration

Emma Mellett

Marketing Officer (Campaign Services), University of South Australia

Emma is a communications professional working in the higher education sector, and is skilled in many facets of digital marketing and social media management.

Expertise: Digital marketing strategies, social media marketing, website development

Geoff Irvine

Front End Developer

Geoff has a background in building shopify themes for diverse clients including large and boutique fashion and product retailers.

Expertise: Online Sales

Kacy Ratta

Manager, Digital & Social, Adelaide Festival Centre

A well-rounded digital marketing professional, Kacy is an expert at working with teams, clients and agencies to deliver KPI breaking campaigns for internationally recognised organisations and events.

Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing & Analytics

Marjeta Irvine

Brand Manager, Health Partners

Digital communications professional Marjeta brings 14 years’ experience developing marketing strategies and building brands for small and large businesses, and is passionate about improving quality of life in health and wellbeing.

Expertise: Brand Development, Digital Marketing and Analytics

Melanie Merlino

Digital Marketing Specialist

Melanie is a digital communications specialist with experience working in small business across the not for profit, creative/digital agency and education sectors.

Expertise: Social Media Profile & Website Development

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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. Also backed by generous support from the Day Family Foundation and Creative Partnerships Australia.

Images,( L-R): INFORM: Brave New World, 2019. Photograph: Rosina Possingham; Jessica Alice. Photograph: Sia Duff; Lisa Slade. Photograph: Sven Kovac; Channon Goodwin. Photograph courtesy the speaker; Emma Mellett. Photograph: Elle Dawson-Scott; Yhonnie Scarce and Edition Office, In Absence, 2019. Photograph: Benjamin Hosking, courtesy of the artist, NGV and THIS IS NO FANTASY; Erin Coates, Dark Water (still), 2019. Photograph courtesy the artist; reVison Tech Mentors. Photographs courtesy the mentors.

Photographic portrait of James Dodd

James Dodd

Built Environment, Installation, Outdoor, Painting, Public Art, Sculpture, Teaching, Wall Work.

Photographic portrait of Fran Callen

Fran Callen

Drawing, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Public Art, Teaching, Wall Work.

A painting by Tom Phillips of a man painting another portrait, while a cat looks up at the work

Tom Phillips