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reVision is a seasonal online program thoughtfully curated to help you deepen connections, strengthen your practice and grow your skills in these ever-changing times.
Hear from local and inter/national artists, arts leaders and thinkers as they unpack their approach to practice, community, criticism and future planning, especially in times of crisis.

The Guildhouse reVision Program has generous seed funding from the Day Family Foundation.

The program was developed in 2020, with support from the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and Creative Partnerships Australia.

reVision Speaker Series

April 2023

Guest curated by Sebastian Goldspink, Agency Associate Curator. 


Speakers: Amrita Hepi and Reko Rennie

This talk will explore the added pressure First Nations artists have to represent their people and how often they are called upon. The panel will discuss issues beyond the artistic, and how this role can be both a privilege and a burden. 

Country & Western

Speakers: Tess Allas, Carmen Glynn-Braun and Dennis Golding

The panel will explore the increasing presence of public art by First Nations artists, and how artists formulate ideas for the monumental and respond to Country.

June 2022

Curated by Coby Edgar (NSW).

Looking Back

Presenters: Dr Ali Gumillya Baker, Stephen Gilchrist, Will Stubbs

It is rare for people to stick around in any sectors without learning how to work well with people and meet expectations. The participants on this panel have worked in the arts and cultural sectors for at least a decade. Each has a very different background and each can be described as very successful within their fields. They have all learnt through failures and finding methods that work well for them and the people they work with or for. How have they managed to keep the energy up and deliver successful projects?

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Looking Forward

Presenters: Dallas Gold, Elverina Johnson, James Tylor

The participants of this panel have recently completed big projects or have been part of the rise of popularity within their specialisations. None of them have just arrived on the scene. For some it has been a very long and winding road. None of them are going away anytime soon and some have just hit some major milestones. What’s on the horizon for them? What does the future of collaboration look like from where they stand now, into the future?

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2020 – 2021 

Catch up on the first year of our reVision Speaker Series program with 20 recorded sessions now available to view online.

Hear from local and inter/national artists, arts leaders and thinkers as they unpack their approach to practice, community, criticism and future planning, especially in times of crisis.

Winter 2021

How does an industry find momentum and collectively shape change? In this season local and inter/national arts leaders discuss remodelling our future to create a sustainable and inclusive industry.

Leadership in the Face of Change

Presenters: Rebecca Coates, Janice Price, Kade McDonald and Sebastian Goldspink

A conversation led by Shepparton Art Museum Director Rebecca Coates with inter/national art leaders on brokering change, shifting stale paradigms and invigorating organisations and programs while navigating a global pandemic.

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Remodelling our Future: In Conversation

Presenters: Rhana Devenport and Mami Kataoka

Mami Kataoka Director of Mori Art Museum and Rhana Devenport ONZM, Director of the Art Gallery of South Australia share their philosophies and approaches to leading international contemporary art museums and reflections on emergent curatorial models in the sector. 

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Digital Connection

Presenters: Dr Kristin Alford, Connal Lee and Adam Drogemuller

Unpacking the intersection between virtual interaction and pandemic response, Dr Kristen Alford, Director MOD, leads a conversation with philosopher and writer Connal Lee and Human Interaction and Virtual Reality specialist Adam Drogmueller on the future of meaningful connection in a post pandemic world.

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Tools of Advocacy

Presenters: Esther Anatolitis, Kelli McCluskey, Makeda Duong and Sally Blackwood

Join advocacy powerhouse Esther Anatolitis in exploring how and when to use your voice in order to support change. With a practice deeply embedded in critical reflection and active engagement, Anatolitis shapes a meaningful conversation with artists and arts leaders around the role of the provocateur.

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Autumn 2021

In this season our panelists investigate the role of the critical voice within arts practice. Conversations with key writers, editors and artists will dissect the need for and impact of critical engagement and rigour through arts writing and peer conversations.

Finessing an Independent Voice

Presenters: Jessica Alice, Andy Butler, Dr Ali Gumillya Baker, Rayleen Forester and Lauren Carroll Harris

Join session Chair Jessica Alice, Director Writers SA in a conversation with writers and curators navigating contemporary arts writing; discussing experiences of refining writing skills and critical voice while retaining an independent opinion in a gig economy.

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The Role of Critical Engagement

Presenters: Lisa Slade, Mimi Chu, and Sina Najafi 

Guided by Lisa Slade, key global arts and culture editors unpack the importance of accessible critical conversation; from the political and societal need to constantly question to analytical artist engagement.

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Writing for Social Media

Presenter: Emma Mellett

In this session communications professional Emma Mellett will discuss some social media writing fundamentals including:

  • Defining your unique voice and devising your own approach to writing
  • Understanding your audience, and planning content with them in mind
  • Writing to highlight your work, encourage people to buy in a way that feels authentic, engaging and personal
  • Using hashtags and instagram stories
  • How to identify what is working and what isn’t

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Critical Peer Conversations

Presenters: Channon Goodwin, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, Elyas Alavi, and Kay Abude

National artists unpack the vital role peer conversation, support and engagement play in developing artistic practice and sustainabilty, led by Director of Bus Projects, Channon Goodwin.

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Summer 2020

In this season our speakers unpack arts practice though the lens of resilience, adaptability and well being. Join conversations with 10 local and national artists, curators and strategists as they discuss their approach to practice, and unpack what drives and sustains their work and their community.

Erin Coates and Leigh Robb: Endurance and Female Camaraderie in Creative Practice

Presenters: Erin Coates and Leigh Robb

Join two acclaimed thinkers as they discuss strength, survival and community through the lens of creative practice.

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Kacy Ratta: Social media strategy tips and tricks

Presenter: Kacy Ratta

In this session digital marketing consultant Kacy Ratta will discuss some social media strategy fundamentals including:

  • Understanding the purpose of social media
  • Defining your goals
  • Planning and creating content
  • Connecting and providing value to your audience
  • How to identify what is working and what isn’t

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Professor Susan Luckman, Catherine Truman and Kath Inglis: Mentor Mentee – A creative relationship

Presenters: Professor Susan Luckman, Catherine Truman and Kath Inglis

Professor Susan Luckman, discusses the interim findings of a UniSA led longitudinal research study examining the impact of mentorships on artistic careers.

The research study titled Mentor Mentee: A creative relationship offers initial findings from a three-year project undertaking research-informed evaluation of Guildhouse mentorship programs over the past decade. 

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Mish Grigor: 2020

Presenters: Mish Grigor

Join Melbourne artist Mish Grigor in a conversation about all things artist related in 2020. With a practice that is underpinned with humour, her performative and collaborative works investigate the connecting drivers between us all. In conversation with the audience Mish will discuss her approach to practice and the balance between working collaboratively, with community and presenting solo projects.

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Liam Benson and Julia Robinson: Narrative adornment and metamorphosis

Presenters: Liam Benson and Julia Robinson

Working across narratives of adornment, costuming and social archetypes two mid-career artists discuss the power of their thematic and arts practice in the time of local and global unease.

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Trish Hansen: Being

Presenter: Trish Hansen

This session brings Trish Hansen in conversation with Debbie Pryor to explore the unique and crucial role of artists, makers, cultural producers and their agents, as the curators of the future – transforming the chaos and ambiguity into curiosity and wonder for a reality beyond what has become.

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Spring 2020

Community is at the heart of the spring season. Our speakers unpack the ways in which they create, engage with and serve communities, especially in times of crisis.

Vipoo Srivilasa: Arts Practice and Activism

Presenter: Vipoo Srivilasa

Thai-born Melbourne-based ceramic artist Vipoo Srivilasa discusses the narratives behind his work, providing insight into how collaboration and activism play a large role in his practice.

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Christy Dena: Rituals of Online Artist Processes

Presenter: Christy Dena

Narrative Designer Christy Dena demonstrates how artist processes can be adapted to an online context. From developing ideas, to sharing making processes or collaboration, the session unpacks options for meaningful and accessible global interaction.

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Clare Belfrage and Yhonnie Scarce: The Role of the Artist

Presenters: Clare Belfrage & Yhonnie Scarce

Two internationally renowned artists working in glass, Adelaide-based Clare Belfrage and Kokatha and Nukunu artist Yhonnie Scarce share personal insights into The Role of the Artist within the community and as a political and social agent.

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Lisa Waup and Ingrid Verner: Meaningful Collaboration

Presenters: Lisa Waup & Ingrid Verner

Award-winning multi-disciplinary Gunditjmara and Torres Strait Islander artist Lisa Waup and Ingrid Verner founder of Melbourne-based label VERNER discuss the true meaning of collaboration and independent arts practice.

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Kent Wilson: Collective Objective

Presenter: Kent Wilson

Kyneton-based artist and curator Kent Wilson directs an inspirational session on how to lead change and bond a regional community through art practice.

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Amy Hourigan: Practical Tips and Tricks for Increasing your Online Viability

Presenter: Amy Hourigan

In this session digital marketing consultant Amy Hourigan will discuss how organic search results drive traffic to your website, and important aspects to consider in a Search Engine Optimisation health check.  

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Daniel Slater and Lisa Slade: In Conversation

Presenters: Daniel Slater & Lisa Slade

Join Daniel Slater Head of Exhibitions and Loans V&A Museum in conversation with Lisa Slade Assistant Director, Artistic Programs AGSA.

Watch here. 

Images,( L-R): Installation view of the section titled ‘Transformation’ in the Everywhen exhibition. Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Two Women Dreaming, 1990, 150.2 x 182.4 cm (centre of wall display) in conversation with installation of coolamons. Photograph courtesy of Harvard Art Museums; Kate Rhodes, Craftivism (installation view, Shepparton Art Museum), 2018. Photograph courtesy the artist; Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, False Gods, Sullvian + Strumpf. Photograph Mark Porkorny; Erin Coates, Dark Water (still), 2019, photograph courtesy the artist; Yhonnie Scarce and Edition Office, In Absence, 2019, photograph Benjamin Hosking, courtesy of the artist, NGV and THIS IS NO FANTASY.

Photographic portrait of James Dodd

James Dodd

Built Environment, Installation, Outdoor, Painting, Public Art, Sculpture, Teaching, Wall Work.

Photographic portrait of Fran Callen

Fran Callen

Drawing, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Public Art, Teaching, Wall Work.

A painting by Tom Phillips of a man painting another portrait, while a cat looks up at the work

Tom Phillips