Peripheral Disturbance: wandering between worlds

Tue 09 October 2018

Gail Hocking Peripheral Disturbance: wandering between worlds The Guildhouse Collections Project/ Flinders University Art Museum Opened, 6 October 2018, by Nicholas Jose I was surprised to... More


Mon 15 October 2012

Can clay really be considered to be subversive? There was a time (which I remember) when subversion in clay simply meant using any commercial clay body, colourant or additive, let alone making any... More

The Palmer Project: art greets ecology

Thu 22 September 2011

The Palmer Project is now a decade old and a look back, as well as a look forward, is timely. In 2001 Adelaide sculptor Greg Johns purchased a 163-hectare property just north of Palmer, about 70 km... More

Jason Collingwood

Mon 21 March 2011

Weaver Jason Collingwood has been designing and weaving rugs for 24 years. The son of the late Peter Collingwood, a weaver of world renown, Jason has also built a solid reputation as a well-respected... More