Peripheral Disturbance: wandering between worlds

Tue 09 October 2018

Gail Hocking Peripheral Disturbance: wandering between worlds The Guildhouse Collections Project/ Flinders University Art Museum Opened, 6 October 2018, by Nicholas Jose I was surprised to... More


Mon 15 October 2012

Can clay really be considered to be subversive? There was a time (which I remember) when subversion in clay simply meant using any commercial clay body, colourant or additive, let alone making any... More

The Palmer Project: art greets ecology

Thu 22 September 2011

The Palmer Project is now a decade old and a look back, as well as a look forward, is timely. In 2001 Adelaide sculptor Greg Johns purchased a 163-hectare property just north of Palmer, about 70 km... More