Image: Bridget Currie, Work in progress (detail), 2019. Photograph: courtesy the artist.

CATAPULT and CATAPULT + Tarnanthi provides creative professionals with essential funding and support to further develop their artistic practice through a meaningful mentorship.

The projects of Catapult recipients show ambition, drive and dedication. Mentees engage with mentors from around the country to develop skills, realise projects and allow time to learn more about their practice.  

With the generous support of The Ian Potter Foundation Guildhouse has provided 18 mentorships to Guildhouse members (9 in 2018 and 9 in 2019) and in partnership with AGSA awarded 2 First Nations artists mentorships through Catapult + Tarnanthi.

Catapult is bolstered by an important research study in partnership with the University of South Australia to examine the impact of mentorships on artistic careers over time.

Catapult and Catapult + Tarnanthi are opportunities open to South Australian Guildhouse members.



The Catapult mentorship program offers multiple mentorships available at $5,000 and one at $10,000 for South Australian artists, craftspeople and designers.

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CATAPULT + Tarnanthi

This mentorship program provides funded opportunities
for artists to work with mentors, culminating in the presentation of new work as part of the city-wide festival for Tarnanthi. Tarnanthi presents the contemporary art of the oldest living culture on an unprecedented scale,
in a national event held annually by the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Select a year below to view current and past recipients.

Image: Brianna Speight, Soft Assemblies (cyclical), (detail), 2017

Spotlight: Tom Borgas on CATAPULT

Image: Tom Borgas, Armature Gateway (Hyperobject), 2020. Photograph: courtesy the artist. Emerging artist Tom Borgas predominantly made work for indoor spaces, and recognised the need for a mentor while expanding his portfolio to realise ephemeral works as...

CATAPULT + Tarnanthi 2020 Call Out

Guildhouse is thrilled to launch the second round of career development mentorship program for South Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, craftspeople and designers. In partnership with Tarnanthi, CATAPULT + Tarnanthi provides a funded opportunity...

Spotlight: James Dodd on CATAPULT

Image: James Dodd, Installation view, Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne, 2019. James Dodd had long admired established artist Cameron Robbin's execution of large-scale, permanent kinetic artworks. To help guide his own practise in a similar direction, James has been...


Sandra Saunders, film still by Jess Wallace, 2019.2019 Catapult + Tarnanthi Catapult + Tarnanthi sees two exceptional Aboriginal artists undertake mentorship opportunities to further their creative practice. Spanning 2018 and 2019, Sandra Saunders and Damien Shen...

CATAPULT Profile: Christopher Williams and Johannes Sistermanns (GER)

Photograph GuildhouseCATAPULT Profile: Christopher Williams and Johannes Sistermanns Guildhouse’s current series of mentorships culminated in dramatic style on 6 May 2019 with a collaborative sound art performance by mentor Johannes S. Sistermanns (Germany) and mentee...


Kristel Britcher, To Hold, I, II, III, III, 2018, blown, cut, coldworked, firepolished glass. Photograph Michael Haines.2019 Catapult Recipients Catapult is a career development mentorship program for South Australian artists, craftspeople and designers, generously...

At this stage I have already acquired a great deal of skills and knowledge in mould making enriching my practice. The opportunity to work alongside such a generous mentor with such a high level of skill and expertise for her craft has been incredibly valuable. Without this opportunity to work with Irianna in her studio I would not have had access to such valued information.

Lesa Farrant

CATAPULT Mentee, 2018.

The Foundation is pleased take a partnership approach in again supporting this excellent arts organisation to build the next iteration of a proven model. Catapult’s multi-disciplinary approach to providing independent artists with individualised professional development aligns well with the Foundation’s Arts Program objectives.

Mr Charles Goode

Chairman, Ian Potter Foundation.


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