Art Works: Rayleen Forester

Mon 26 November 2018

ART WORKS Writer in Residence Rayleen Forester April - August 2018   Rayleen Forester commenced her residency in late April and worked closely with Kaspar Schmidt Mumm during his... More

Neville Cichon: Office Space

Tue 20 November 2018

Office Space Neville Cichon 20 November 2018 - 01 February 2019   The Office Space exhibition of works from Neville Cichon offers a unique insight into some of the reoccurring themes... More

Peripheral Disturbance: wandering between worlds

Tue 09 October 2018

Gail Hocking Peripheral Disturbance: wandering between worlds The Guildhouse Collections Project/ Flinders University Art Museum Opened, 6 October 2018, by Nicholas Jose I was surprised to... More

Dan Withey Does Death

Wed 28 January 2015

“I’m going to die and so is Oscar. It’s a horrible thought but hopefully it’ll be in a 1000 years time, long after Rupert Murdoch’s dead.”Dan Withey’s art is just like his conversation.... More